• Childbirth and Anaesthesia

    Childbirth and Anaesthesia

    We can answer your questions regarding pain relief during labour, Epidurals or Caesarean Section

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  • Children & anaesthesia - parent information

    Children & anaesthesia - parent information

    If your child is about to undertake an operation, we have information to help you and your child prepare

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  • Experience you can trust

    Experience you can trust

    Our highly experienced specialists will ensure that you are safe during and after your surgery

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  • Worry-free anaesthetic procedures

    Worry-free anaesthetic procedures

    If you are about to undertake an operation, we have essential information for you about the anaesthesia process

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Are you about to undertake an operation?

We have essential information for you about the anaesthesia process from pre-operative care through to pain relief and what to expect.

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Do you have a question about billing?

No matter which health fund you are with, we can help you. With flexible billing options, our friendly staff are waiting to hear from you.

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Understand more about children & anaesthesia

Find out how anaesthetics are involved in your childs care and how they can make a hospital stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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History of Sunshine Coast Anaesthetic Group

Providing a professional service to the Sunshine Coast since 1978

The Sunshine Coast Anaesthetic Group was loosely formed in 1978 after the close arrival of three specialist anaesthetists - Doug Wilson 1976, John Shrapnel 1977 and Steve McCready 1978.

The name was not created until after the opening of Buderim Private Hospital [ Sunshine Coast Private Hospital ] in 1980 when it became obvious that the Sunshine Coast was an emerging medical entity.

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