Our Anaesthetists

Dr Paul Frank


Dr Frank completed his internship at Nambour General Hospital in 1995 following graduation from the University of Queensland. He then spent some time in rural hospital / GP work in North Queensland where he developed an interest in both critical care and the holistic care of patients in a primary care setting. This led to him pursuing dual fellowships in anaesthesia and pain medicine that were awarded in early 2005. Following 12 months as a staff specialist at Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital where time was split equally between anaesthesia and the Professor Tess Cramond Multidisciplinary Pain Centre, he made the decision to move back to the Sunshine Coast. Between 2006 and 2009 Dr Frank held a staff specialist position at Nambour General Hospital, before moving primarily into private practice from 2010. Dr Frank has maintained a public appointment at the Sunshine Coast Persistent Pain Management Service where he contributes his approach to pain management as the unit continues its evolution into an accredited training unit. Dr Frank’s private practice has evolved from primarily anaesthetics to a combination of pain management and anaesthetics.

Dr Frank has a particular interest in ultrasound guided procedures for both pain management procedures and anaesthetics. His anaesthetic practice is primarily orthopaedic where ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks can contribute to optimal perioperative pain management in addition to enhancing the anaesthetic for the procedure.

His private pain clinic is separate to his anaesthetic practice and is located in Buderim.